Retail is still one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing industries. It is characterized by the complex management of the various sub-agents, information flow, as well as administration of a large number of employees with varying working hours.

NOVACON is proud to work for some of the global and local retail leaders like IKEA (world's largest furniture retailer) and INTERSPORT (leader in sport equipment retail). For the companies in this industry, NOVACON’s team provides high quality payroll, accounting and tax services that will help the organizations’ management in the administration of these processes.

At the same time, globalisation has not just eliminated the boundaries between countries but also provided new opportunities for the wholesale business sector. A wholesale entrepreneur will have to face many challenges such as difference in management style, cultural differences, and product acceptance issues. For the firms from his business sector, NOVACON provides easier accommodation to the Bulgarian legal framework and practices via comprehensive payroll serivces, as well as flexible and high quality accounting and tax advisory services.

ICOPAL, TKK and Mikrovisata are among the companies in the wholesale business sector that trusted NOVACON.

NOVACON has been acquired by TMF Group, you can read more about the acquisition in our press release.

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