Professional Services

The professional services sector is known for the high degree of project planning and business-critical human resources management. The firms in this field offer solutions related to project management or consulting in the fields of real estate, legal and financial services, marketing, construction and architecture to Bulgarian, either being international companies and entities with several employees or large corporations with hundreds of employees and multinational operations.

The challenges for the companies offering professional services are to ensure quality project management, growth management, optimization of costs and internal business processes, and financial planning and development of the strategic advantages of the company.

NOVACON’s team can help you with the management of your business through outsourcing payroll administration and tax services for financial control of your company and the various projects that you manage.

NOVACON’s team provides payroll, accounting and tax services to companies like Colliers, Adecco, OKIN Facility, BULPROS and many other leading international and Bulgarian firms.

NOVACON has been acquired by TMF Group, you can read more about the acquisition in our press release.

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