Payroll services in Bulgaria

NOVACON is a top outsourcing pay­roll service provider in Bulgaria. Regardless of the type and complexity of your organization, we offer you all necessary payroll services for management of administrative processes, related to payroll processing and HR administration.

Outsourcing payroll will help you focus on the human resources management and will give you better control and a higher level of confidentiality.

NOVACON can help you with:

  • Management of all activities related to payroll processing – from the initial work reports to the final salary payment, including formal communication with the tax authorities for the submission of all obligatory reports, references and declaration forms  
  • Analysis of labour costs (grouped by cost types and/or reporting periods, by departments, comparative analysis, gross-to-net analysis)
  • Preparation and maintenance of all administrative documents required by the Bulgarian law, related to hiring of employees, termination of employment and changes in employment terms
  • Consultations related to all types of labour legal and administrative issues, pertaining to the organization’s employees, including assistance in communicating with representatives of the state institutions.

Our clients interface is based on modern cloud technologies for information management. Our clients’ HR teams receive remote access with a web-based application containing:

  • Variety of queries, 24/7 access with various search criteria such as per persons, departments, etc.
  • Automatic requests for initiation, change and termination of employment
  • Automatic generation of documents for initiation, termination and change of employment, administrative forms, paychecks, recapitulations, etc.
  • Tools for monitoring and control of all stages of initiation, change and termination of employment

International and Bulgarian companies such as IKEA, NOKIA, INTERSPORT, Colliers SEE, S&T Bulgaria and many others already chose NOVACON for the administration of the files and payroll of their employees.

NOVACON has been acquired by TMF Group, you can read more about the acquisition in our press release.

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